3D engine
The SCOL language has a powerful 3D engine. It allows to manage scenes, rendering, collisions ...

Types managed by the 3D engine.

A. Session and Surface management API
Session and Surface management.

B. Hierarchy API
Scene-graph management.

C. Geometric API
Geometric transformations.

D. Topology management API
Topology management.

E. Meshes management API
Meshes management.

F. Materials management API
Materials management.

G. Textures management API
Texture management.

H. Rendering API
Rendering control.

I. Collision Management API
Collision management.

J. Lighting management API
Lights management.

K. Sprites management API
Sprites management.

L. Particles management API
Particles management.

M. Animation management API
Animation management

N. 3D Callbacks API
3D Callbacks management.